Unique Artisic Wood Creations

My Charcuterie Boards, Serving Trays, Cutting Boards, Beverage Coasters, Personalized Wood Items, Promotional Products, Dinner Decision Game and more are Artistic Creations made with Care, Craftsmanship and years of woodworking knowledge. I operate a one man wood shop in Summerville, SC. I have been involved with many types of woodworking over the years. I decided what works best for me is to create products to offer for sale online. My products will always be Unique Artistic Creations. I make the wood products then offer them for sale. I don't make thousands of the same item indentical product which enables me to use my creative vision when I create a Charcuterie Board for example. If I try to replicate the same apperance over and over then I might as well be a factory and this would just become a mundane job. That doesn't work for me.

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