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My Charcuterie Boards, Serving Trays, Cutting Boards, Beverage Coasters, Personalized Wood Items, Promotional Products, Dinner Decision Game and more are Artistic Creations made with Care, Craftsmanship and years of woodworking knowledge. I operate a one man wood shop in Summerville, SC. I have been involved with many types of woodworking  over the years. I decided what works best for me is to create products to offer for sale online. 

My products will always be Unique Artistic Creations. I make the wood products then offer them for sale. I don't make thousands of the same item indentical product which enables me to use my creative vision when I create a Charcuterie Board for example. If I try to replicate the same apperance over and over then I might as well be a factory and this would just become a mundane job. That doesn't work for me.

You will see a lot of Cherry Wood in my creations. That is one of my favorites. It is relativly easy to work with, has a great warm wood tonal appearance. It laser engraves well and holds up well over time. I also use Walnut Wood. It has a deeper richer color tone. It can be great for cutting boards and charcuterie boards but because to is such a dark wood laser engraving it is more difficult to see.

I try to find wood with what some would call defects but I think have more character. When the epoxy resin fills the voids a truly unique product has been created. I believe the characteristics of the wood I choose convey a more rustic appearing serving tray. Even with a cutting board I like to leave a "perceived" blemish because it makes it more authentic than perhaps a typical inexpensive Chinese board you may find at walmart or target. If your looking for that type of product and trying to compare it to the creations I like to make you won't find it on this site. 

Most of the boards I make have routed curved finger grabs on the ends for easy maneuvering off a surface. I installed handles on some as some may prefer them but I find that without the handles sticking up the boards are more unique and easier to store.

My Boards all Have a Food Safe Finish and Hand Wash Only. Never place wood boards in a dishwasher the high heat and excessive water will destroy them quickly. You especially do not want to ruin a custom persanlized cutting board that way. 

I hope you enjoy visting my shop. I am adding new products all the time. I am always available to answer any questions tou may have. Have a Great Day!

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